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Survey options

Page redirection
You can redirect participants to a specific page on your questionnaire.
Must answer
The must answer feature makes it possible to prevent continuing with the questionnaire until the question is answered.
Conditional branching
Conditional branching makes it possible to redirect participants to a specific page or question depending on their choice of answer.
Random answer display
Random display makes it possible to display the answers to a question in a different order for each participant.
Number of accepted answers per question
You can choose one or more possible answers per question.
Description management for the scoring slider and matrix
You can change the number and field of the scoring slider descriptions.
Assign a score to response items
You can associate the answer choices with a score to make quizzes or evaluate respondents.
Display correction texts
Display correction texts to respondents at the end of the questionnaire or after each answer given.
Use a timer
Manage the maximum time for each respondent spent per page or per questionnaire.
Recall a previous answer
Use answers provided by a respondent in the following questions.