Create powerful online surveys

Need to create a survey, a quiz easily?
Get the answers your need

The saas software to manage accounts, create statistics, share results and boost your productivity
Fast, effective and without any need for training, you can easily create professional level market research, surveys or questionnaires.
Distribute your survey by email, web link, blog or using social media. Collect the answers immediately.
Carry out real time analysis on your data and customize your reports using efficient analysis solutions. Publish your reports in Excel and PDF format.

Creating a questionnary has never been so entertaining.

Share your results

Tablet share

Share your results

Share your results with weblink. Post your report on your CRM, send it by email or on forums. Export your report in PDF or Excel format.

Let's build your success together

Nees to assess training? You want to create a quiz or a contest?
Build your personality test, echeck your users knowledge ...

Create a quiz

chronométre quiz

Manage accounts

Send survey templates
Manage your employees accounts
Compile and segment results

superivision User

Create your survey from your mobile

Create survey from mobile

They use Drag'n Survey

Drag’n Survey is free online software. The solution's ease of use allows you to get started quickly and intuitively. The drag-and-drop function reduces clicks to a minimum. You have access to a wide choice of questions for each type of answer. A database of questions and survey models are available for you to work with. It is easy to send your campaigns and the results assessment allows you to understand and analyse complex data quickly. Share your results on the web and password protect them. Distribute your results to your management, your colleagues and your partners in PDF or Excel format.

Start designing your survey, market research or online survey now to understand and analyse all your subjects

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