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Collector management

Manage your collector options
  • Only accept one answer per IP address
  • Anonymous mode (the person's IP address is not displayed)
  • Authorize people completing the survey to go back on their answers and change them
  • Display a thank you page
  • Redirect participants once the survey is complete
Select how to send your emails using several options :

  • Enter your distribution list manually
  • Send your survey to all your contacts
  • Send your survey to a group of contacts
Inclusion on a web site
You can use Drag'n Survey to integrate your questionnaire or survey on a web site. All the options are available.
Web link
You can cut and paste the web link wherever you want. The collector options remain available.
Collector's alerts
Receive an email each time that the limit you configured is reached. The limits you can configure are :
  • Number of answers
  • Number of days
Alerts can be recurring or be sent only once
Email reminder
Select in one click your contacts that didn't answered your survey and send them a reminder email.