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Online Market Research

Make sure your project is feasible.
Know your market trends.
Define sales hypotheses.
Make better sales decisions.


Who is concerned ?

  • Retail
  • Services
  • Industry
  • Tourism
  • Catering
  • Entrepreneurs

Carry out market research

  Market research to get to know your environment :

Identify your market and find out its major trends. Find out whether it is growing, stagnating or shrinking. Identify the market's turnover.
Identify the players and consumers, their needs, their purchase habits.
Identify the competition, its offers and its prices.
Identify constraints and risks.
All this will indicate the opportunities for your business.

  Market research for sales forecasts :

Market research gives you an insight into your market environment. Carry out a purchase intention survey on your potential customers to determine a sales forecast figure.

  Market research to define your strategy :

Knowledge of your environment and your potential customers makes it possible to define a strategy. You know your business's specificities. By creating an online questionnaire you can identify the means to reach your customers and define a strategy.

  Market research to define your marketing-mix :

Make the right marketing strategy decisions. Determine the right product, the right price, the correct distribution and the suitable communication. A survey will allow you to determine all these points.