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Healthcare sector questionnaire

Provide interactive health questionnaires.
get real time answers.
Determine patient satisfaction.
Create surveys for medical research.

Assess general patient satisfaction. Optimize patient-staff communication, get their impressions and improve. Optimize your waiting room, appointment-making and reception quality.
Create health questionnaires to know your patients as well as you can. Ask them questions about their diet and general health. Ask them questions about their lifestyle and accompany them as best you can.
Question your employees and improve their commitment by fulfilling their needs. Optimize their performances by identifying their training requirements. Improve teamwork and working environment quality. Accompanying healthcare sector employees will make it possible to improve patient satisfaction.
Whether for research, clinical trials or for access to healthcare, creating a questionnaire will give you the answers you need. Obtain and analyse the data you need for your medical research.

Who is concerned ?

  • Pharmacies
  • Hospitals
  • General practitioners
  • Medical research
  • Medical questionnaires

Examples of healthcare sector questionnaires

  General questionnaire :

Create a questionnaire to get to know your patients and determine their state of health.

  Health and protection :

Assess patients' healthcare coverage.

  Diet preparation :

To optimize your appointments, propose preliminary questionnaires and get to know your patients.

  Drugs :

Determine your patients' drug consumption. A virtual questionnaire makes it possible to get more objective answers

  Tobacco and alcohol :

Get to know your patients as well as you can to better accompany them. Create a questionnaire to determine tobacco and alcohol consumption.