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Event management questionnaire

Make sure a project is feasible.
Determine the expectations and habits.
Organise an event as well as possible.
Get feedback on general satisfaction

Prepare your event beforehand. Assess interest and contact interested people
Improve organisation, from signage to service quality. Assess the communication around the event.
Assess participant satisfaction and set up a plan of action to optimize your future events.

Who is concerned ?

  • Event organisers
  • Event management coordinators
  • Consultancy firms
  • Event project managers
  • Event administrators

Examples of event management questionnaires

  Participant analysis :

Analyze the general satisfaction of the participants in an event. Create a survey and measure the difference between how an event is perceived and what it was expected to be. Find out how the participants discovered the event and improve your marketing-mix by working on the price, the product, the communication and the distribution.

  Seminar assessment :

Assess the general satisfaction for a seminar, satisfaction about the setting, the reception and the quality of service. Improve event scheduling by analysing participant feedback. Optimise the rhythm of speakers and the general organisation.

  Conference assessment :

Analyze the general satisfaction of the participants in a conference. Was its scheduling satisfactory ? Determine the relevance of the selected themes. Were the speakers satisfactory ? Optimise the rhythm of speakers and the time assigned to discussion. Were the speakers available ?

  Event organisation :

Be as close as possible to your future participants and understand what they expect from event organisation. Assess their budget and whether they are ready to invest. Find out about your customers so that you can be there as soon as they want to organise an event.

  General assessment :

Assess general satisfaction for an event. Measure the difference between how the event is perceived and what the participants were expecting. Get a full analysis of your event and the general event quality. Listen to participant feedback and improve your future events.