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Online Satisfaction Survey

Determine the differences between what is perceived and what is expected.
Identify quality elements.
Adapt your strategy and increase performance.


Who is concerned ?

  • Retail
  • Services
  • Industry
  • Tourism
  • Catering
  • E-commerce

Carry out a satisfaction survey

  Prerequisites :

To know where you're going you need to define objectives. A customer satisfaction survey will make it possible for you to reach several of them :

  • Knowing your customers' expectations and needs. Knowing priorities and identifying the causes of dissatisfaction
  • Measure levels of satisfaction, dissatisfaction and their evolution over time
  • Find answers to your questions
  • Get ideas and areas for improvement
  • Answer management questions

To carry out a satisfaction survey the target needs to be defined (the population to be surveyed). Once the target has been identified, choose a sample of the persons to be questioned. Determine what you want to measure :
  • global satisfaction
  • Product satisfaction
  • Service satisfaction
  • satisfaction with an event...

Define when the survey is to be carried out and its frequency (one-off, regular or continuous). To measure satisfaction, determine what type of questions to use (slider, score, etc.)

To optimize data analysis, determine the calculations you want to make and the indicators to know (basic satisfaction, satisfaction compared to the competition, etc.). Will you use a hierarchy of criteria ?

Following the analysis of the results, consider the decisions to make and the actions to take. Who will you communicate the survey results to ? Who will make the decisions, lead, and follow up the actions once the results have been published ? Remember to improve the survey once it has been carried out.

  Identify expectations :

A satisfaction survey is used to measure the difference between how a customer perceives a product or service compared to what they expect. To achieve this you need to know what the customers expect and to identify the components and criteria their degree of satisfaction is based on. To optimize the construction of a satisfaction survey, collect your customer feedback using a list of expectations for example.

  Creating the survey :

When creating the survey, be attentive to its structure. It can be built in different ways: for example there can be a part to identify global satisfaction, another on the selected components, and then on the assessment criteria for each component

Be attentive to the question sequences for your satisfaction survey. For example, the first question should be a filtering question to find out whether the person answering is really part of the selected sample population. The second question can be used to determine global customer satisfaction with the product or service. Then the following questions can cover criteria

How questions are formulated is important to make sure everyone understands them.

  Distribution of the customer survey and result analysis :

Distribute your satisfaction survey to the selected sample and respect the schedule. Once the response data collection period is over, produce satisfaction indicators, comparative analyzes and sort the assessment criteria by importance.

  Communicating the results and taking action :

Present the results to inform of facts and figures. Discuss them to make sure they are understood and to enrich their analysis. Make decisions and take action.