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Consumer questionnaire

Get in touch with your prospects and get customer feedback.
Know them as well as possible and fulfill their expectations.
Carry out market research before launching a new product.

Get in touch with your prospects to make yourself known or prepare the launch of a new product or service
Identify the difference between how a product or a service are perceived and what is expected of them.

Keep in touch with your customers.
The exportable reports automatically generated by Drag'n Survey allow you to make the right decisions and act on them.

Who is concerned ?

  • Retail
  • Services
  • Industry
  • Hospitality sector
  • Catering
  • E-commerce
  • Tourism

Examples of Consumer survey

  Footfall survey :

Study general footfall (retailers, tourism, catering, etc.) and find out why it is increasing or dropping. Understand customer and prospect motivation. Identify the main reasons hindering footfall at your store.

  Economic climate survey :

An economic climate survey needs questionnaires to be created. You can use them to assess the business climate and past activity. Use the analysis to make the right decision at the right time.

  Habits and needs survey :

Most of the data about your customers and prospects can only be collected reliably using questionnaires. Do your surveys and define your customers' and prospects' shopping habits. Analyze where they shop most often and what the most accepted prices are.

  Customer satisfaction survey :

To run correctly, a business needs to know its customers. It will allow you to adapt your strategy and increase your sales. Knowing customers needs to take into account several parameters such as the quality of the first contact, of meet-and-greet, customer relationships, the quality of information provided, the customer service, etc

  Quality questionnaire :

To stay competitive a business needs to have customer feedback on the products being sold. Product satisfaction feedback will let you know whether the product needs to be improved, maintained, or promoted. Product quality surveys allow businesses to confirm that their products are correctly positioned and to promote them commercially.