It’s Easy To Engage Your Target Market With Quizzes

If you’re looking to engage your target market, then there is no better way to do it than with a quiz. Quizzes that provide some form of entertainment are hotly sought after by internet users. According to statistics, 81% of people think quizzes grab user attention more. In addition, 79% of marketers believe that quizzes can help internet users retain brand messaging more easily.

That is why most social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube even include some form of quiz in their application. They know that by offering quizzes and polls on their platforms, they can keep customers coming back. Even news sites like the BBC in the UK, regularly use interactive quizzes to improve user retention on the site.

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Developing Your Own Quizzes And Making Them Different To Surveys

By developing your own quizzes you can come up with some of the most brilliant ways to collect responses from your key audience and determine more about their demographics. You can then use this data to find new ways to reach your audience and sell them your products/services. At the same time, you can be offering your target market some fun interaction that will help them remember your branding.

The time is definitely now to implement quizzes. Despite so many large brands implementing them on their sites, very few smaller brands have. Therefore, there is an opportunity for you to attract audiences to your website and earn their loyalty. In addition, some research have found that implementing a quiz in your online strategy can improve website conversion and revenue.

Strategies For Developing Your Own Quiz

There are many ways that you can utilize a quiz in your online marketing strategy. For instance, you could create a survey that finds out whether a customer would prefer certain styles of packaging or color schemes. The questions on this don’t need to be too formal, they could be lighthearted but they should direct your marketing team into knowing what the preferences are for your target audience.

Or you could test the knowledge of your target market. Say if you offered online training, you could make an interactive quiz that tested their knowledge about certain subjects. From that you can determine what courses needed to be developed or even sell specific courses to your audience.

Similarly, if you sell products, you can use a fun quiz to direct customers to certain products that they might prefer. For instance, a DVD seller could ask funny questions centered on film characters or film stars, and this could lead to some suggestions of film titles they might like to buy.

The Keys To Having Success With Quizzes

There are several ways in which quizzes are different from surveys. Therefore, you need to tackle several aspects differently to how you would from a standard questionnaire. Here are some quick tips to make your quiz a success.

1. Create More Abstract Questions

There are many key aspects to quizzes that differentiate them from standard surveys. Firstly, you need to think less of making them formal, which will disinterest audiences and raise abandonment rates. So, instead of asking people to rank a color from 0 to 10, you might want to ask people which color they prefer out of two options.

2. You Need Instant Gratification For The Audience

In addition, with surveys, respondents aren’t looking for instant gratification, if any at all. They know their participation is being used to better a brand’s processes or a product. However, with online quizzes, participants are looking for some return on their time. This could be in the form of a reward like ten ‘in-game’ points or some knowledge that has been ascertained from their answers like “which TV character are they most like”.

3. Make Quizzes Social Media Friendly

Another key point when it comes to quizzes is that you want people to share your quiz. This could be a great way to introduce new people to your brand and attract new customers. It might also be a way to get more attention to social media pages you run. Therefore, you need to make quizzes more accessible to the mass audience and shareable on social media.

4. Target Your Market Carefully

While quizzes should be more accessible to mass audiences, those audiences should still be targeted towards your key audience. That means you don’t want a quiz that asks about DVDs and can recommend any genre if you only sell science fiction. Therefore, think carefully about your questions and make sure that you aren’t being too general so that people who aren’t worthwhile to you aren’t participating.

5. Think About The Value To You

While making sure your audience has value, you also need to have value from making the quiz. Therefore, plan how your brand can benefit from the quiz. Are you going to be able to pick up important insights to how audiences might see your new product or are you going to get more detailed profiles on what audiences want to buy and when? Whatever the benefit to your business, plan your questions around those, so creating the quiz isn’t a waste of your time.


Quizzes are a good way to interact with audiences. You can use them as a way to introduce your brand or perhaps get them to make specific purchases. They are different to how surveys are done and should be treated as such. But their potential is amazing. A good quiz will increase revenues and brand awareness helping you to move your brand to the next level.

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