6 Simple Ways To Learn More About Your Customers

    Pleasing your customers is the best way to ensure you get repeat purchases. This can help your business’ bottom line as selling to existing customers is much more profitable than selling to new ones. However, if you want to generate that repeat business, you need to know what will excite and motivate your customers while keeping them happy.

    You can’t know what motivates your customers without learning more about them. However, that doesn’t mean just looking at their past purchasing decisions. Half off all companies know inexplicably what customers have bought, but this doesn’t offer good understanding of their motivations and it can’t be used for influence marketing campaigns.

    Instead, you need to get deep into the mindset of your customers and there are numerous ways to do so. Some of these are easier than others; so here are our recommended simple ways to find out more about your customers.


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    1. Use Google Analytics And Google Search Console

    Google Analytics and Google Search Console is one of the easiest, non-intrusive ways to find out more about the motivations of your customers.

    Google Search Console tells you what search terms are being used to find your website. This can give you insights into the motivations of potential customers and the keywords they’re using when looking at your website/products/services.

    Google Analytics can tell you a lot about the behaviors of your customers on your website. If they look at certain blog posts or information, you know that is information they’re interested in. Likewise, you can see what products they’re browsing but not buying. If one product is being looked at several times but is never bought, then there is something customers don’t like about it.


    2. Talk To Customers

    Your front-line staff are in an excellent position to find out more about your customers. When they communicate with customers, they can learn a lot about them, and this can be very important for finding out information about them.

    Talk to your staff about retaining information for discussions later, in order to compile a list of common traits between customers. For instance, you might find customers come to your store because of the great location, fantastic deals or informative staff.


    3. Hold An Event

    Interaction is the key to learning more about your customers. Holding an event can be a great way to learn more about them. Hold a special event where staff and leaders can talk personally to your customers in a more relaxed environment.

    By changing the environment, your customers will likely be more willing to talk. This can enable your staff to collect a lot of information. It can also help generate sales and push promotions you’ve been looking for. If you don’t have a physical location, try hosting a webinar.


    4. Collect Customer Reviews

    Do you know when customers really let you know what is important to them? It’s when they’re writing reviews about your business. In the reviews, they’ll mention what made them happy, or unhappy, about their experience with your business. By analyzing this you can find out more about what is motivating your customers to return.

    In addition, reviews can help push customers to your website. Even negative reviews can help generate sales for your business. Customers can suspect companies with only positive reviews of cheating the system.


    5. Look At Social Media

    Only about 38% of marketers rely on information they can collect on social media to help them develop campaigns and learn about their customers. Yet social media is a treasure trove of information. Customers publish all sorts of personal information about themselves on their social media accounts and this can be really insightful.

    For instance, Facebook allows you to see who likes a page and what other pages they also like. Therefore, you can see motivations. Customers also like to complain via social media and this can lead to interesting conversations which you can view and analyze to discover more about your customers.


    6. Start A Survey

    Surveys are one of the best, and easiest, ways to collect information about your visitors. You can conduct surveys in store or online, where information can be collected anonymously and software can do some of the analysis for you.

    The important element of the survey is to ensure that you are creating a survey that gives meaningful results. Keep away from asking simple yes/no questions but ask questions where qualitative data can be collected.



    Information from your customers can help you build up details about them that can be used to influence marketing decisions. It also helps you build a purchasing experience that will generate repeat custom. Use the methods above as a way of building up your business’ knowledge about your customers to help you grow your business.


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