4 Ways To Share Survey Results With Your Team

    So you’ve created a survey, sent it out to your audience, and collected the responses from willing participants. Now you should have lots of data which you’ve analyzed and sorted through to identify the key points which require you take action. Now you need to share this information with the rest of your team.

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    Why Should You Share Survey Results With Your Team?

    Lots of people go into the process of creating and pushing, to complete your surveys. It is only reasonable that they would like to see the final results of their hard work. If you only tell them how many people responded, they might ask what they spent all that time pushing for responses for. After all, they have other work to do that could be very beneficial for the company.

    At the same time, the results should lead to specific actions or conclusions about the company. If you just announce them without giving a reason why, then your team won’t understand, and they might resist against change. Just giving a reason why you might need to make some adjustments to products/processes/etc. can alleviate tension and reduce resistance.

    You can also increase early adoption of new processes by offering statistical information on why it is needed. For instance, if more than half of your customers said they preferred paper shopping bags, you can use that information to demonstrate why you’re switching to paper bags.

    How You Can Share Survey Results With Your Team

    There are various ways through which, you can share survey results with your team. All of them have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. Here is our quick list of how you can share those important results.

    1. Team Conference

    The most typical way that leaders share the results of surveys is through large team conferences. These conferences often mean that one person stands at the front of the team and then goes through the results, being specific when they think it is necessary. At the end, they normally include some important steps that are going to be taken afterwards.

    While this is an effective way for you to get results for a large group of people, there are major issues. First of all, there is no guarantee anyone is paying attention in the conference. This could mean they don’t pick up on specific points you’ve mentioned or actions that are going to be taken.

    The second issue is that it consumes a lot of time to organize and deliver. This time might be better off spent doing something else. Also, it can be challenging to get everyone into the same room at the same time. Last but not least, this method makes it harder to share details before decisions are made, so you might lose great suggestions on how to make improvements.

    2. Share Results Directly Via Weblinks

    When using the Drag n’ Survey website, you can share results directly with team members so they can see the individual responses, the general data trends and other information they might find interesting. This helps to keep everyone informed of all the information and it enables people to analyze the data when they have time and in their own way.

    This can help with the decision making and helping your team to come up with a collective way in which the company can move forward and make improvements. This is a very effective way to share results as it takes very little effort to share.

    3. PDF Export

    If you would like your team to look at the data offline or while they are traveling, say on a commute or long journey, then you might want to give them a PDF version of the survey results. With just a few clicks you can send team members a PDF file that contains all the data and filters that are associated with the survey.

    PDF exports are convenient, because most people have access to a PDF reader. It also means that team members can be anywhere in the world to receive the survey results.

    4. Export Your Data Via Excel

    If you would like your team to conduct their own analysis of the data, you can send team members the survey results in an Excel file. Then your staff can look at the data, process the results with their own formulas and extrapolate interesting insights which you might not have thought about.

    Excel files are a great way to organize data as well, if you don’t have time for that.


    Sharing the results of your survey data is easy, especially if you use Drag n’ Survey’s excellent survey system. Every data which is shared can be protected from unauthorized access through the use of a password. This can be shared through other means to keep the results secret.

    By sharing your data via weblinks, PDF or Excel files allows you to find more solutions and new ways to improve your business. Have you tried our unique survey system yet?

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