You can use Drag'n Survey to collect clear and accurate data. You build your surveys and questionnaires using question types to capture flows of separate and different types of data.

Question types

Yes/No question
You fill in your single answer question. You can add the "No opinion" option
Multiple choice question
Once you have filled in your question, you allow the persons answering to choose one or more answers.
Comparison / Image scoring
You fill in your question and allow the persons answering to score the image and/or enter a comment.
Scoring slider
The scoring slider is used when you want to assess an opinion or a feeling about a product or a service.
Scoring matrix
Using the scoring matrix you enter your question and indicate different elements of answers. There is a choice of several scoring bars available.
Order of priority
You enter your question and allow the people answering to sort their answers into an order of priority.
The percentage question allows the persons answering to enter percentages, the total of which must be 100%.
Free field
The people answering can answer the question in text, date or number format.
Multiple free-form fields
You enter your question and enter several answers to it. You can choose answers in date, text or number format.